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THWACKcamp, our annual digital IT learning event, is a highlight for tech professionals seeking fresh perspectives and industry insights. For over 10 years, it's been the go-to event for staying ahead in IT. If you tuned in live, let us know how we did in our post-event survey and earn up to 3,000 THWACK® points.

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If you missed this year’s event, don’t worry! THWACKcamp 2024: On Demand is here to provide you with all the learning, resources, and wisdom you need. Delve into sessions like The Integration Equation, Automate Your Way to Peace and Happiness, and Silos Are For Grain, Not IT.

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The learning and fun continue at our in-person SolarWinds User Group events. Join us at London SWUG this May or Denver SWUG this June. Don’t miss out on priceless IT knowledge.

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