THWACK Turns 21

Hello, THWACKsters

Did you know the THWACK Community launched on June 9, 2003? That means we’re celebrating a major milestone: 21 years of helping IT professionals excel in their roles! In our (definitely biased) opinion, THWACK is the gold standard of online communities for IT pros managing networks, systems, and IT infrastructure. Just look at what our community has achieved in the past year alone. 

Community Groups

Since our last trip around the sun, our THWACK community has surpassed 200,000 members! This past year, we introduced Community Groups to foster deeper connections among members. These groups allow members to self-identify their interests, creating hubs for shared knowledge and support. Members can connect with others who share their passions, gain new tips, tricks, and insights, and engage with peers who understand their challenges. Additionally, Community Groups help build valuable relationships, find mentors, and provide a sense of belonging, making members feel connected and supported in their tech journey. We launched two new groups, Data Driven, and DevOps Discourse, with more to come in 2024. Join today and geek out!

Bracket Battle: Hollywood Bytes  

Our annual Bracket Battle brought our community together this past Spring for an epic showdown of science fiction films. Members voted between 33 sci-fi classics, from classic hits to modern blockbusters. In the end, the children of Zion reigned supreme, as The Matrix fought off Jurassic Park in the final to officially emerge as the THWACK community’s all-time favorite sci-fi flick. 


THWACKcamp, our annual digital IT learning event, was a highlight for tech professionals seeking fresh perspectives and industry insights. For over ten years, it's been the go-to event for staying ahead in IT. If you tuned in live, let us know what you loved the most! And if you missed this year’s event, don’t worry! THWACKcamp 2024: On Demand provides the learning, resources, and wisdom you need. Gain exclusive insights into IT issues with sessions like The Integration Equation, Automate Your Way to Peace and Happiness, and Silos Are For Grain, Not IT. 

Upcoming SWUGs 

We’ve just attended the SolarWinds User Group (SWUG) event in London and have exciting upcoming SWUGs across North America, including Denver, Atlanta, and Chicago. These events are your opportunity to connect with the SolarWinds community in person. Our product managers, solution engineers, and user experience researchers will be there to talk about all things IT. Space is limited, so register now to claim your seat. 


As a special birthday present, we will be bringing back a legendary item from our THWACK store: the iconic THWACK floppy disk coaster (well, we are turning 21). Just 100 limited-edition coasters will be available to purchase soon. Happy THWACKing to all! Here's to the next 21 years of knowledge-sharing, connection, and community. 

Prepare for Present 

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