THWACK Tuesday Tip :: It’s Easy to Sign Up For Training

It’s Easy to Sign Up For Training
August 25, 2020

SolarWinds is making it easier than ever to learn about your products. We will always have the THWACK community, documentation, help resources, and videos, but sometimes what you really want is a class. The SolarWinds Academy has been revamped to include virtual classrooms, including virtual office hours with product professionals. If you are new to SolarWinds, adding a new product to your install, want details on the newest features, or want to prep for your SolarWinds Certified Professional exams, there's a space for you in our Virtual Classrooms and it's incredibly easy to sign up for a class.

Top Comments

  • I have using been SolarWinds for a number of years with different companies. I mainly work on projects where I install Network equipment, and then add this to the companies SolarWinds system before moving onto my next project at a different organisation.

    The issue I have is that I don't have my own SolarWinds set up at home and I do not think that you can watch training videos with out having an account linked to a Licence. My main source at the moment is reading about SolarWinds and you tube.

    It would be beneficial if I was able to log in at home at the weekends and research SolarWinds in my own time.  

  •  is right... under support the training you can sign up for is pretty huge really.


  • I was aware of the academy from our very eary days with Solarwinds but for my style of learning I need to be able to interact with the tutor and possibly students.As such I need to sign up to the live classes but, unfortunately find the time zone difference makes these a non-starter.

    As a consequence I haven't looked at the live classes for ages - but will go re-check and see if there are now more options that better suit my timezone (currently GMT+1) and my working hours.

    I find I have to disagree about THWACK though. YMMV but I am incredibly frustrated by lack of responses on THWACK and I've said it before and will say it again that I find it a bizarre way for a company to offer support. Now before you tell me other companies do it, then yes you are right but they (unlike Solarwinds it seems) have dedicated employees that respond in the forums. On the flip side, you might be lucky to get a response from an employee that knows their onions, but as I have found out my success/failure ratio for getting replies that help is in the region of 1 to 6.

    That moan aside, I remain hugely grateful to those MVPs and other non-Solarwinds folks that have responded to my queries.

  • To reinforce  's point, these classrooms are included with your maintenance, and are an excellent way to help onboard yourself and your organisation to the SolarWinds Platform, so you can take the train to Successville!

    Thwack itself is an incredible resource, but if you need something a little more structure, look no further than the SolarWinds Academy!