THWACK Tuesday Tip :: Creating a Service Catalog Item


Creating a Service Catalog Item

May 12, 2020

What is a service request? How is it different from an incident? Watch this video to learn how to create a service catalog, helping automate workflows for employee requests.
  • I guess when I used Remedy (many MANY years ago) my company didn't set it up correctly.  

    Realistically, as long as a product understands (and can support) the various levels to help your organization work correctly, then that is a "win."  For me, I don't care what product you use, but I care that you get to go home at the end of day.  I'm glad that Remedy is working for your organization.

  • This is kinda the evolution of ITIL having workflow scripts for the helpdesk to follow.  We use them with Remedy.  One good thing Remedy did (I've lived with it for years) is following ITIL from the beginning.

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