THWACK Tuesday Tip :: Best Practices for Orion Upgrades

Best Practices for Orion Upgrades
Best Practices for Orion Upgrades
December 22, 2020

Upgrading your Orion Platform products may seem daunting, but there are just a few steps to follow. THWACK Technical Content Manager Kevin M. Sparenberg will review how to identify your current versions, decode version numbering, show you the easiest way to upgrade, and show you how to migrate your Orion Platform products to new hardware, if you prefer.
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  • Is there any reason why the offline installer for 2020.2.1 HF2 are all ISOs rather than applications as per previous downloads/upgrades?


    Thanks for your support.

     I have referred multiple-module hardware-software path as you suggested and prepared below setup.

     My Current setup for SQL: ( for 75000 Elements) - SQL 2014 SP2 - Virtual Machine

     CPU(No. of) - 12 Core 2.10 GHz Intel XeonRegisteredE5-2683 v4

     RAM (GB) - 128

     Hard drive - 2TB

     NIC - 2

     Planning for upgraded one: Software, i will go for SQL 2019 Enterprise version. - Virtual Machine

     CPU(No. of) - 32 Core 2.4GHz (or) Faster

     RAM (GB) - 256

     Hard drive - 2TB + 1 (TB for NTA)

     NIC - 2

     Also i will refer the NTA link which shared by you.

    Thanks a lot once again.


    Premnaseer A

  •  Network Topology Mapper doesn't run on the Orion Platform, so an upgrade there is independent of the Orion upgrades. 

    Cohabitating your Orion and NetFlow database is 100% supported if your SQL server has enough resources and is running SQL Server 2016 SP1 or later.

    You'd have to review the general sizing recommendations here.and more specific question for NTA sizing should go in the NTA forum.

    In my lab, the SQL server is a single instance running 2016 SP1 with 256 GB of RAM and 32 logical cores on a physical server.  It's running multiple Orion installs with NTA and Log Analyzer and runs fine.

  • Thanks for your response.

    Referred product upgrade advisor and prepared hardware and software requirements based on it. Will check the another article shared me for the same upgrade platform.

    Need your address on the below queries:

    NPM -12.2 NCM -7.7 and NTA -4.2.3 and NTM -2.2.2 (Our environments modules) --- don't we have recent upgrade for NTM version?

    As our NTA 4.2.3 FSDB model - Will it be okey to go for same SQL database as the recommended one? (or) better to go for separate database (will install SQL platform on existing NTA server) to avoid orion database slowness issue. So which will be better one?

    (Because, we are planning to send around 100000 + FPS by using NTA also we are having 1 Main polling and 9 APE(on 3 servers, each server 3APE so 3*3=9) with respective of 75000 + elements)

    Avoiding recommended method because of this -

    So need your opinion on the same.

    Premnaseer A

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