THWACK Monthly Mission - May 2021

May 2021 THWACK mission - monitoring metamorphosis

Sometimes, when I think back to the days of my youth, it seems technology then was leisurely strolling through its evolution. The whispers of wings of time passing as we slowly meandered down the lane, coming to forks in the road, taking time to choose our path with care. My life was ruled by technology, of course. It was my job. It still is. Yet, I had cocooned myself in the safety of experience and knowledge.

It’s not like that anymore.

The cocoon has burst open, freeing its charge to the skies. There are no longer any limits. Now, technology evolves at a pace that mere walking couldn’t encapsulate. It has metamorphosed. A complicated silhouette that, to humanity, seems to just… work. As if by magic. In reality, people like me make it work. It can be a thankless job; we see patterns and connect the dots; we assimilate new technology every day; we do our job in a way that, when done right, looks like magic, like nature.

In a sense, my work has grown more meaningful, more exciting. We are the people behind the metamorphosis, behind magic, behind nature. We take on the transformation of hybrid IT and lifecycle monitoring. The silent yet vigilant watchers. Where will technology take us next?


Use the mission’s resources to complete the tasks and answer the questions for a chance to win!

Answer each question correctly during the week and you'll be entered for a chance to win the weekly prize.

Answer all 20 questions correctly over the course of the month and you'll be entered for a chance to win the grand prize.

150 points are being awarded for each correctly answered question. There are 20 questions, which means you can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for this mission.

Weekly Prizes & Drawing Dates:

Grand Prize:
May 3, 2021: Portable Projector


A new question will open every day (Monday - Friday) starting on May 3, 2021. Once a question has opened, it will remain open until May 30, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. CT. Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.


Complete the mission shortcut between May 3, 2021 and May 30, 2021 to be entered to win a Nintendo Switch

Shortcut Steps
  1. Download the systems management bundle and install SAM and VMAN
  2. Discover the virtual server you’re going to monitor. The documentation includes a video to walk you through the process.  
  3. Add the virtual server to SAM. Here's how!
  4. Set up monitoring for your operating system.
    1. Windows Server Templates
    2. Linux Templates
  5. View the application data by clicking on My Dashboards – SAM Summary to view the All Applications widget. Next, click through to the Node Details on the VM you installed.
  6. Take and submit a screenshot


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Mission Shortcut Terms & Conditions: US, UK, and Canada  | Germany


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