thwack Monthly (Mini) Mission - June 2014

The July Monthly Mission is now open!

There will be no June mission, she said...  No mission points or prizes, they said...  Well, folks here I am correcting my statement with a "mini" monthly mission!   We're gearing up for the return of the thwack Monthly Mission next month and there are a few things you'll need to complete before launch.  This is a prerequisite to the July mission so be sure to bookmark this blog post to be updated when the mission has launched.  You'll be awarded 50 points for bookmarking this post.

June Mini Mission

The upcoming July mission will involve social media as a means of engagement.  In order to track your progress, we need to associate your social profiles with your thwack profile.  At a minimum, we need the LinkedIn and/or Twitter portions of your thwack profile to be filled out.  We encourage you to also fill out any other social platform for which you have an account for (Google+ and Facebook) but LinkedIn and/or Twitter is a requirement to track your progress for the July mission. Follow the instructions below to add your LinkedIn profile and Twitter handle to your thwack profile. 

For each social platform profile field you fill out, you will earn 500 points. That's a possible 2,000 points for filling out all 4 profile fields.  These fields must be filled out by July 7, 2014 to be eligible for the points.  Points will be added to profiles during the week of July 7th.

  1. Navigate to edit your profile & privacy settings

Welcome   thwack.png

     2. You will be dropped on a page to edit your profile settings.  Scroll down until you see the fields for LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.  Enter your profile URLs in these fields.  Remember, we need either your LinkedIn and/or Twitter handle but feel free to add your Google+ and Facebook profile as well.

Edit Profile   thwack.png

     3. Next, you have the option to the edit privacy of these fields.  Scroll back up to the top of the page and click on "privacy settings".  Scroll down on that page and you'll notice that by default these fields will show to registered users.  You can change this option to only show these fields to yourself, your friends, or everyone.  After you've made your selection, save your changes.

Edit Profile   thwack.png

And you're done!  Remember, for each profile field you fill out, you will earn 500 points. That's a possible 2,000 points for filling out all 4 profile fields.

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