UPDATE: THWACK Migration Update v1.0

Whew! That was a ride. We had a few hiccups along the way but I have to say... for the shear size of this migration, we done did well.

We're also fully aware that it doesn't look and feel exactly how it did before. Yes, your cheese was moved. Yes, some things are missing. We tried to keep buttons, navigation, veribiage, etc. the same as much as possible. Over the next several weeks, we have a lengthy list of things to fix, implement, and improve upon, but you have our commitment we'll get it done as fast as humanly possible. 

Before I stop making sense nod off, here's what's on the short list for near-term fixes:

  • Password - As mentioned, your passwords didn't migrate for security reasons. The first time you login, choose "forgot password" and an email will be sent for you to reset your password. Your username remains the same as before. 
  • Points - The process is underway. It's running approximately 7k accounts per hour for the first migration. Yes, I said first. We had to increment all the old Jive userIDs so that there was no overlap when your new Khoros (Lithium) userID was generated. We're expecting approximately 36 hours for both scripts to complete. When it's ready, you'll see your points in the top right next to your avatar. 
  • Store - Since points are unavailable, so is the store. The bones are in place but we need to continue tweaking some of the process now that we're working with real data.
  • Missing pages - THWACK Tuesday Tips and SolarWinds Lab are two big ones that come to mind. These are heavily customized pages that take a bit more care. ETA is ASAP. 
  • Page layouts - Remember when we said this platform was mobile-first? We're vigorously working to implement components to You can expect to see improvements almost daily.
  • Following/subscribing/friending - It's not available now but we're working on making those controls available so you can resume the normal notiifcations you would expect from the community.

I'm certain I'm missing things (given the list sitting next to my right) but these are the larger themes. We are working around the clock to fix, implement, and improve. I mean, THWACK is where we work. Not only are we heavily invested in making it better for you, but we need it to work for us as well. 

Which brings me to FEEDBACK - if you see something, say something. I will start a dedicated thread to report problems so we can consolidate and address as efficiently as possible. Stay tuned here for the link.

Thank you for your patience while we work through this. You don't know how much your support is appreciated. And because I envy  and her enthusiasm through this entire thing, (y'all, she managed not one, not two, but effectively THREE communities) we are forever "dedicated to your success". 

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