SWUG London: It's Good to be Back

SolarWinds User Group - London, England - April 27-28, 2022

If you are checking your calendar and doing the math, the last time that a SolarWinds User Group was in London was November of 2018.  That’s 1,262 days between visits and for me, that’s too [EXPLETIVE DELETED] long.  We’ll be in London for a SWUG on April 27-28, 2022.  If you’ve never attended or heard of a SWUG, then let me give you an overview of what the program is. Scratch that, I think I’ll start with what it is not.

If you're familiar with the program already, feel free to skip and just register for this 100% free, in-person event now.

What a SWUG is Not

  • A “webinar” in real life.

We aren’t there to talk at you, we are there to speak with you.  This is a two-way street.  The staff will be there to answer questions, live during sessions, during the breaks, and pretty much wherever they are.

  • Cost-prohibitive

This isn’t an over-priced industry event where we just get bombarded with marketing materials and hounded by salespeople.  This is an event for IT pros, by IT pros with a very reasonable cost: nothing. You get everything on the agenda (and more) for the low cost of zero. Regardless of your currency choice the total cost to attend a SolarWinds User Group is zip/zilch/zero/nada.

  • An off-the-grid event

A WiFi network will be provided to all attendees, and you are welcome to bring your laptops.  You won’t be disconnected from your day-to-day activities (unless you want to be).

Now that we’ve covered some of what a SolarWinds User Group is not, it’s time to tackle what it is.

What a SWUG is

  • THWACK Community In-Person

A SolarWinds User Group is the IRL (that’s “in real life” for those of us Gen-X people) expression of the THWACK community: people coming from all walks of life with a common goal of doing the best job to tackle the IT problems with the help of SolarWinds products.

  • A completely free, educational event.

Yes, you read that correct – there is no fee for attending a SolarWinds User Group event.  All you have to do is register and show up on time.  We’ll have your lanyard and badge waiting for you.  Food and beverages will be available at scheduled time throughout the day so everyone can keep up their energy.

  • Content overload

That sounds bad, but we’ll be covering the portfolio of products’ journeys since last we spoke – and what we’re planning for the next 12 months.  Each attendee will get a notebook where you can take notes or begin a diary (we don’t judge) where you can scratch down notes for yourself or get answers directly from the presenters.

  • The technical training you want

If you are new to SolarWinds solutions or been working with us for years, I’m sure there are going be resources available to take your skills to the next level.  Plan your agenda with breakout sessions for only the topics you desire.

  • Direct communications from SolarWinds executives

There’s no better place to get answers to your questions – live from the SolarWinds professionals and executives.  Some will be faces you know and love and some will be new to SolarWinds, but everyone wants to make your experience the best possible.

  • Attendees helping attendees

As a wise sage once said, “It's dangerous to go alone!” And while we can’t give you a wooden sword to help you out, we can put you in the room with many other people who have thousands of combined years working in all manner of IT spaces and for all types and sizes of organizations.  That combined knowledge may not be as good against Octoroks as a wooden sword, but it’ll be of great use for your SolarWinds products.

The deadline for registration is fast approaching and you’ll want to reserve your seat sooner rather than later.  When we hit capacity, the registration will be closed.

If anyone has been to a SolarWinds User Group before and wants to share their experiences, I’m sure some first-timers would love to hear what you enjoyed about being at a SWUG.

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