SWUG is Coming Back to the Valley of the Sun in November

According to my calendar math, as of today, it’s been 1,706 days since we were in Phoenix, Arizona for a SolarWinds User Group – and that’s far too long.

Why?  Because we love coming to Phoenix!  The city is remarkable, the weather is predictable (any time of year), and the people are marvelous.  The state that scoffs at Daylight Savings Time has always been very welcoming to us. That's because you, the local AZ THWACKsters, are some of the most passionate about doing your jobs quickly and correctly. 

But that’s all about to change this November 2-3!  We’ll be at the Sheraton Phoenix Crescent for two fun-filled days of educational content about the solutions you use every day.  Rely on us to bring our heavy hitters: executives, Product Management, Head Geeks, User Experience, and some other heavy hitters.  We’re still firming up the final agenda items, but you can be sure that I’ll be there happy to interact in person with everyone.

For your part, we’ll rely on you to register for the event and (if you so choose) to book a few nights at the venue.  We realize that not every part of the city is a convenient commute, so we negotiated strenuously on your behalf a most excellent deal if you’d like to stay at the venue for a couple of days.  You’ll need to book your room quick – the deal only lasts until October 14 and is on a first-come-first-served basis.  Staying on site is a great way to not worry about missing any of the action on the account of a flock of tumbleweeds blocking up the I-10.

This SWUG, like every other is 100% free to attend and we’re bringing our A-game, so register now to save your seat, book your nights using our discounted rate at the hotel from the venue page, and start flagging some sessions as your favorites so you don’t miss out.

Do not sleep on this – our last two trips to Phoenix were completely full and people had to be turned away at the doors.  Reserve your space now.  What are you waiting for?

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