SSO THWACK & Customer Portal - Link your accounts!

Huge news! You can now link your THWACK and Customer Portal logins to navigate seamlessly between these two properties.  Additional advantages to linking your accounts include seeing the products you own in your THWACK profile, see your renewal dates, renew licenses, open support tickets, review existing support tickets, and gain more visibility and access to beta's for the products you own.  This is just the first iteration of the SSO deployment so look for more benefits to come!  Huge props to mrs.alterego​ for connecting the dots and making this long-standing feature request happen!

For steps to link your accounts and additional information please see THWACK & Customer Portal SSO Frequently Asked Questions​.

How do I link my THWACK account to my Customer Portal Account or "IUA"?

First you will need to go to your profile page and pull down the menu under “Actions”.


Next, select “Link Customer Portal account” and you will be given a quick synopsis on the benefits to linking your THWACK and Customer Portal accounts.


Finally, you will be asked to enter your Individual User Account credentials, which are your company email address and your chosen password. If you have any settings in THWACK to remember your username and password, please make sure when you are prompted to enter your IUA that you don’t enter your THWACK credentials. You will see below in the example that my IUA is completely different from my THWACK credentials. I am not mrs.alterego on the Customer Portal side of the house.