SolarWinds User Groups 2020: Pre-registration Available Now!

What's a SWUGTm?  The short answer is it's an extension of this online community, delivering over 14 hours  of technical, hands-on education for free.  We started this program in 2015 and in 2020, we're back and—literally—bigger  than ever with two full days in cities across the globe. SWUG connects you with  SolarWinds executives, product managers, user experience researchers, technical  advisors, engineers, Head GeeksTm,  and other end users like you. It's a great place to get the answers to the hard  questions perplexing you, get details from behind the curtain at SolarWinds,  take a pulse to see what other industry professionals are doing, and where  they're going. Our goal is to help you be the best IT pro you can be. But don't  take our word for it. Here's what attendees at recent SWUGs have to say:

As a first-time attendee, I have to say this was my favorite work event I was able to attend this year. As mentioned, it was an event actually dedicated to us, for us.

— Paige Barnes (medleyp812), Chicago SWUG 2019 Attendee

I've been to events like this before only to be bombarded with what I can purchase from either the host or their partners. I got the feeling that the employees representing SolarWinds genuinely care about their customers.

— Ashley Warren (abby.warren), Chicago SWUG 2019 attendee

This was my first SWUG. I found value in the information provided as well as the personal contacts made during the conference. I will definitely plan on attending next year and I also look forward to THWACKcamp.

— Jim Yocum (jpyocum), New York SWUG 2019 attendee

Fantastic conference. Instead of sitting there listening to a marketing presentation like many conferences, the attendees were able to engage SolarWinds employees and address concerns and speak to their own environments.

— Steven Dean (chezbrgrs), Atlanta SWUG 2019 attendee

As my first SWUG, this was an excellent event. I felt overall it was very informative, and really highlighted the amazing user community around the SolarWinds products.

— Benjamin White (bwhite23) Seattle SWUG 2019 attendee

Join us and more than a hundred other IT pros ranging from monitoring engineers, help desk techs, MSPs, DevOps to the "I do it all"-folks in building bridges and tearing down silos. Remember, the goal is to get the information you need so when your workweek’s done, you can enjoy your weekends.  If you would like to be notified as soon as registration is available, please complete the pre-registration form for the SWUG(s) of your choice below. Be sure to watch the SolarWinds User Group space for the most up-to-date information.

All locations and dates are subject to change. We would advise to not book any travel until formal registration is available.

Phoenix, Arizona February 5 - 6, 2020 COMPLETED
Munich, Germany April 21, 2020 CANCELLED
Berlin, Germany April 23, 2020 CANCELLED
London, United Kingdom April 29-30, 2020 CANCELLED
Sydney, Australia July 2020 PRE-REGISTER
Singapore July 2020 PRE-REGISTER
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota August 2020 PRE-REGISTER
Atlanta, Georgia October 2020 PRE-REGISTER
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