SolarWinds User Group – Twin Cities, Minnesota, 2023

We’ll be making out way to the Twin Cities of Minnesota for our first ever SolarWinds User Group in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Coming to Minnesota has long been a dream of the SWUG team because we know that the cities are steeped in art and culture, with a side of technology. On May 10-11, SWUG officially checks Minnesota off our "to be visited" bingo card.

If you aren’t familiar with the SolarWinds User Group program, they are my absolute favorite ways to get involved with the THWACK community members.  If you’re struggling with a tech problem, want to give feedback on the way you use the products, or just need another IT pro’s ear to bend, this is the place.

That place is the Renaissance Minneapolis Bloomington Hotel located just a handful of minutes from the Mall of America.  It boasts a gorgeous conference space, and the executives, Head Geeks, Product Managers, User Experience Team, and other SolarWinds staff are anxious to use it to its full potential.

Since this is our first foray into the North Star State, there’s going to be a strict attendance cap on the event.  Register now to reserve your seat.  Then all you need to do is show up, claim a lanyard, grab a snack, and buckle in for the sessions.

We know that many of you may be traveling from outside the metro area and no one likes to commute.  In that vein, we’ve negotiated a special rate with the venue, and you can get in on the discount by using the blue button below.  Be forewarned, the special rate expires on April 10, so please grab your room beforehand.

Since this is our first outing to Minnesota, what local sites should we be sure to take in?

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