Service Maintenance Notification: THWACK Platform Migration – February 20, 2020

UPDATE: The community will go into read-only mode at or around 7:00pm CT. At 12:00am CT, the site will be taken down into maintenance mode for at least 16 hours. I will update you all accordingly. Stay tuned!

Service Maintenance Notification

Summary: THWACK is migrating platforms from Jive to Khoros (Lithium) on February 20, 2020.

Severity: Intermediate

Description: We will be migrating community platforms from our existing, hosted environment on Jive to our new SaaS provider, Khoros (Lithium). Our estimated maintenance window is 16 hours.

Service(s) and Users Impacted: will be unavailable until all systems are verified back up and running.

Start Time:
Thursday, February 20, 2020, 12:00:00 AM CT

End Time:  Thursday, February 20, 2020, 4:00:00 PM CT

Maintenance Manager: Danielle Gaitan;

As mentioned in my post last month, the time has come for THWACK’s platform migration. On Thursday, February 20, 2020, will be unavailable for approximately 16 hours. At midnight, the site will be taken into maintenance mode and will not be accessible until all critical systems are verified back up and running. Why are we migrating? Read more HERE.

There will be a few items that may not be fully functional when we are live again. Here is a reminder of what you need to be aware of.

  • LOGGING IN – You will need to reset your password when you attempt to login for the first time. Passwords will not be carried over.
  • SAVE YOUR DRAFTED CONTENT – All content published before 12:00am CT on February 20, 2020 will be migrated. Drafted/unpublished content will not be migrated – save your work!
  • POINT BALANCES – As promised, your lifetime and current balance points will be carried over to the new platform. The script to migrate your point balances is estimated to take a minimum of 18 hours and will likely commence after the site is live again. If you do not see your full point balances when you first log in, don’t fret! Please give us until Monday, February 24 when another status update will be issued to the community.
  • LEVEL/RANKING/LEADERBOARDS – Good news! The team pushed hard on this one and we’ve confirmed that while your level and your position on the leaderboard will change, not everyone will start from scratch as I originally detailed. However, it remains true that the data is not apples to apples, so you should expect changes. There are 3 ways to “rank up” on the new platform. yumdarling will outline this in more detail in the coming days.
    • LEVEL – This is the number that appears next to your avatar. Today, your level is determined by the number of points you have. On the new platform, your level is determined by an accumulation of activities on the forum boards. Your activities are being ported over with your profile, but it is likely your level will change based on the new level perimeters.
    • LEADERBOARD RANK – Today, your position on the leaderboard is also determined by the number of points you have. On the new platform, your leaderboard position is determined by the number of “kudos” or likes your content has earned. As such, your kudos are being ported over to the new platform, but you should expect your position on the leaderboard should to change from where you’re at today.
    • POINTS – Finally, THWACK points. You will continue to earn points on the new platform, but your point balance no longer determined your position on the leaderboard nor your level. The store (and some new items!) will be available on the new platform for which you can purchase with your points.

And with that… see you all on the other side!

  • The Joys of changing everything as we know it! May all the users have patients!

  • Finally, back to THWACK!

    Amazing how much work you can get done when there's no distractions around.

  • Umm . . . you could spend your Thwackless time composing Network Flowetry in honor of Thwack.  Or rewriting a song, focusing on Thwack's wonderfulness.

    I hope that we will soon get back

    A new and quite delightful Thwack.

    A Thwack whose useful features fill

    Our needs with things that fit the bill.

    A Thwack that helps our work and play,

    And swiftly aids us through our day.

    A Thwack that shows us how to do

    The network things we need it to.

    While Thwack is down we'll fret and frown

    That in alerts we may not drown.

    Poems may flow from me toward Thwack

    'Til Solarwinds will bring it back.

  • During the time of the cutover I am sure someone will be designing a t-shirt "The Day Thwack was down" or "Thwack Broke My Day".

    Of course others will likely be rocking gently in the corner or checking every other minute..."is Thwack up yet?"

  • Man what am I supposed to do for a whole day without my daily THWACK....

    Image result for whoa is me meme

    oh and good luck and have fun and I hope you dont hear "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."...............