Phoenix SWUG 2022: The Hangover Edition

SolarWinds User Group - Phoenix 2022

Thanks.  That’s it.  That’s the post.  Thanks for welcoming the staff of SolarWinds to Phoenix for our final SolarWinds User Group of 2022.

I could end there, but – if you’d be so kind – please allow me to expound a little bit.

The Usual Cast of Characters

We brought many of our usual troupe to the Valley of the Sun, but we also brought a few new characters.  With me, were some SWUG veterans with names you know including Brandon Shopp (), Pete Di Stefano (), Chrystal Taylor (), Cheryl Nomanson (), and Howard Williams ().  I could write for ages about this crew, but I’m going to keep it brief and say how much of a pleasure it was to work with these engaging, energetic, consummate professionals.  That said, we weren’t stoic all the time – we had our fun as well.

Fresh Faces

But like many SWUGs, we like to introduce new people to the program and to our community members in real life.  Some of these people are new Solarians and others are just new to the SolarWinds User Group program.

Josh Stageberg

I was introduced to Josh () not long after he joined SolarWinds to head up product management for the SolarWinds Observability product.  As the leader of the SaaS solution, it was great to get him in front of the attendees.  The questions and engagement were fantastic.  I can’t wait to bring him along to future events.

Will Muhle

Unlike Josh, I think Will () was one of the first 5 people who I met at SolarWinds.  His knowledge of the platform equals or supersedes my own.  His countless interactions with customers and lessons learned – either for good or ill – informs his customer connections. 

Bringing him in front of the community was a goal of mine for years and I was able to convince him to join us in Phoenix.  After his sessions the lines for conversations stretched long – encroaching on breaks, lunches, and into the networking event.

Michael Clark

Like myself, Michael () worked for customers before coming over to SolarWinds.  There were many conversations we had with attendees that brought in our years and years as customers using the solutions in our day-to-day lives.

Outside the presentation rooms, he was a riot. I thought I was energetic when I was in one of these events, but Michael put me to shame. Turns out his energy isn’t just restricted to him but includes his family as well – who were local to Phoenix and visited. If he had brought his guitar, I know he’d have been on stage playing song and leading a sing along. Yeah, he’s that kind of energetic.

THWACKsters Represent!

In Phoenix we were lucky enough to get THWACK MVP Robert Clark () to present.  He’s as pleasant and laid back as his username implies.  His years on the tech scene and knowledge of working in enterprises has given him insight beyond metrics, traces, and logs and concentrate on higher levels of operations.  His talk was fun, energetic, and I hope he can join us again when we’re in the area.

Special Shout Out

Each of us is only a small part of a larger team and we all work together.  Sadly, our event coordinator had an emergency barring her from joining us. Kristen Piña Flores () stepped up and took the reins. She always goes above for the community but achieved new heights during this event. From, myself, the staff, and the attendees, thank you Kristen.

Final Wrap

With Phoenix in the rearview mirror, that’s a wrap on the SolarWinds User Groups for 2022.  We are already deep into discussions and for 2023, but wanted to know – where should we go? Who should we bring? What should we discuss?

Stay on the lookouts for new Community Announcements for when we announce our travels for 2023!

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