New Space - Same Great Answers

Change is in the air. The weather is starting to cool off slowly, days are getting shorter, kids are returning to school, and we now have a new space for all your questions concerning the SolarWinds Academy. Starting today, you can ask questions about upcoming classes, certification exams, and more directly from the team responsible for these programs.

You might have already noticed, but in case you didn’t, if you look at the navigation bar, you will see the new “Academy” section.

Within this menu item, you can go directly to the Academy’s Newsroom to learn about all the exciting things happening within the Academy. I highly recommend that you take the time to check out the newsroom today and read the welcome message from Cal Smith to learn about the two new forums.

Are you looking for a post you made under the “old” SCP space? Well, don’t worry, all the content of the old space has been moved to the new space as part of this reorganization. If you are thinking of starting your certification journey soon; then be sure to head over to this new space for the SolarWinds Academy and turn notifications on.

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