New Community Evangelist – Guess Who?

Hey, party people! I’m happy to announce that I’m transitioning from my role as a Head Geek to being full-time on the Community team as a Community Evangelist. What does that mean? Who even am I? Who cares? 

Well, in reverse order: hopefully, everyone in this community cares; I’ve done the whole introduction thing before on THWACK, but if you missed it you can find it here; finally, let’s get into what it means for me, and for you. 

Largely, you may not notice many changes for me. I’ll still be around where you expect it – SWUGs, blog posts, etc. I’ll be (and already have) taking over coding and publishing the monthly missions (My apologies for the mistake on day eight this month if you saw it – I’m learning.) You may see me more in the comments responding to your questions/concerns in monthly missions and elsewhere in the community. 

I’ll be working with our internal teams to bring new ways to connect, new and interesting product content, and more non-SolarWinds-specific content to this community. Basically, I’ll oversee content here on THWACK as well as continue to generate content myself. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see, and I’ll do my best (where it makes sense) to bring it to fruition. This is a community for YOU, after all.  

Other things I’m doing, you won’t notice or won’t know it’s me. My hope is to improve the experience here for everyone, from our new community members to our MVPs. I’ll be spending even more time on THWACK, helping answer questions as well. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.  

A few personal tidbits to help get to know me: 

  • Pink hair (it had to be stated) 
  • Gamer – of all kinds 
  • Mom to a teenage boy 
  • Lover of fiction (send me your recommendations!)  

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