Movies and Mainframes Season 1 Finale Is Approaching

As the weekend approaches, we're excited to celebrate a day that holds a special place in the hearts of all podcast enthusiasts around the world – International Podcast Day! It's a day dedicated to the art of storytelling, knowledge sharing, and the power of the spoken word, and what better way to commemorate it than by turning the spotlight on our very own IT podcast?

Picture this. Your network has been compromised. The infiltrators have already burned through your public firewall. You've tried to isolate the nodes and dump them on the other side of the router, but they are just moving too fast. In a panic, you call on your colleague to man the left side of your keyboard while you man the right. In a flurry of keystrokes and coding you both try and stop the attack. Your efforts are futile. In a last-ditch effort, your director unplugs your computer and saves the day. 

If what you just read sounds ridiculous, it's because it is. But these scenes play out all the time in movies and TV shows. For most people, they just watch and let the technobabble wash over them. But you are not like most people. No, these scenes make the base of your brain itch. They make you shift in your seat; trying to find comfort that will never come. 

Our podcast, Movies and Mainframes, shares your discomfort. Why can't movies and TV shows ever get technology right? Movies and Mainframes explores and discusses the representation of technology in media. We have fun discussing our favorite movies/TV shows. We discuss everything from plotlines to plot holes and we look at how technology is used. We ask, did they get it right, did they get it wrong, or did they get it ridiculously wrong?

By the way, the scene described above is from NCIS. Someone wrote that.

Season one of Movies and Mainframes is lighting up the screen, and we're all ears for your cinematic musings. Dive into our poll below and spill the popcorn on your opinions. Also while you're there, let us know which movies or TV shows should snag a prime spot on our Season two review lineup? Your cinematic cravings are our command!


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