Mission Accomplished: All Systems Go!

THWACKsters, it's been a privilege flying with you.

In this mission you achieved the highest levels of performance for your systems and you made sure your fellow THWACKsters all made it home safe.

I enthusiastically declare this mission, accomplished!

THWACK Monthly Mission - July 2018

Mission Recap & Survey Questions:

  • Earn 250 THWACK points for completing the July Mission Accomplished Survey>>
    • Make sure you submit your answers by Sunday, August 5th to receive points.
  • Access all the July 2018 THWACK Mission Questions + Answers>>

Server & Application Monitor

Find and resolve application problems before they become incidents.

*Stay tuned for the August Mission - Launching on August 6th!

  • I totally agree with you guys, this mission has been the best one so far!

    I hope they maintain this level of engagement.

  • I agree, this mission was one of the better one's in quite awhile.

    I like the missions or questions that are VM based and require you to dig for the resolution like in real life, and not just a ctrl + F to find a answer.

    Thank you for keeping us Thwacksters on our toes

  • This was one of the best missions ever, IMHO, due in large part to it requiring thinking and more clicking, interpreting and viewing more than just the first page in the Hint.  Thank you for making it more challenging!  I learned more, and I feel it makes the points more valuable.