Livecast Series: Orion Platform Automation Made Easy [Part Two] - December 9 @ 10 AM CT

Among IT professionals, the one resource you can never recover is time. Regardless of how you move virtual guests between hypervisors to regain storage or how often you tweak a service to salvage some CPU cycles, the time spent doing these and other tasks is gone forever. Seasoned IT professionals know the only way to preserve your precious hours and minutes is to never spend them doing things by hand that you can automate. That’s why SolarWinds Orion® Platform pros are sharing some of their precious time teaching you how to save time.

Continuing the discussion from the previous THWACK Livecast about letting the Orion® Platform products automate your work, we’ll be stepping away from the web console and start digging into the SolarWinds Orion Application Programming Interface (API). The power of the Orion API is in its flexibility. If you want to unmanage or mute devices to coincide with your change management windows, or do bulk actions on devices, or even add devices to monitoring from nothing more than an IP address, it can be done with the API. Fear not: the presenters will go through step-by-step with some examples and answer questions live. After this session, you’ll be able to: 

  • Have a basic understanding of the API and how it works
  • Know how to create, read, update, and delete elements 
  • Use the SWQL Studio tool to retrieve data
  • Configure your desktop for scripting
  • Work from community examples of automation
  • Begin the discussions for integrating with automation engines

Like all other THWACK Livecasts, the SolarWinds staff will man the chat and give your questions to our presenters to answer live on the air. It’s easy once you get started; there’s no limit to where Orion® Platform automation can take you. 

  • [Watch Now] Let the Orion® Platform Do the Heavy Lifting
  • Using the Orion API For Fun and Profit – December 9 @ 10 AM CT
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