Livecast: Ask the Product Experts - January 20 @ 10 AM CT

To kick off 2022 strong, we’re starting with a much-requested topic for our January THWACK Livecast: Ask the Product Experts. That’s right. We’ll be answering questions directly from community members live on air. 

We were all new once, stumbling in the dark, feeling our ways along the walls looking for the light. Searching blindly isn’t a good way to approach any technology project, so hearing from the experts is one of the better ways to expound on your knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to monitoring or a long-time SolarWinds professional; we’re sure there are questions you’ve got for our seasoned veterans.

Join us Thursday for our January THWACK Livecast: Ask the Product Experts and the chance to have your burning questions answered. See you there!

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