Livecast Series: An IT Journey to Monitoring Glory [Part Two] - August 19 @ 10 AM CT

During this THWACK® Livecast series, we're focused on you, the IT professional. Whether you're an accidental admin and just getting started, welcoming scope creep and getting noticed at your company, or the monitoring engineer who's ready to shine, these sessions are for you.

Now that your Network Management System is up and running, where do you go from here? “Scope creep” doesn’t (necessarily) have to be a bad phrase. Extending your monitoring out beyond the initial intention isn’t just encouraged, it’s commendable. Having all your business-critical information in one place speeds up troubleshooting and allows you to get in front of issues before they turn into problems. In this session, we’ll:

  • Discuss the importance of data normalization and consolidation
  • Explain scope creep: you should care about those other team’s devices
  • Learn to leverage what you have and extending for what you need to monitor
  • Customize your monitoring for your specific environment
  • Enable you to share your successes with the world
  • Review agile methodologies—they aren’t just for developers

Event Date/Times:

  • [Watch Now] Back to (Monitoring) Basics
  • [Next Event] Welcoming Scope Creep – 8/19 @ 10 AM CT
  • The Importance of Sharing Pretty Things – 9/16 @ 10 AM CT
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