Let’s Welcome SQL Sentry, Database Mapper, and Task Factory to THWACK!

Please join me in welcoming SQL Sentry, Database Mapper, and Task Factory to an already impressive list of SolarWinds products to support database management in your environments! These three products will be joining the team along with Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) and Database Performance Monitor (DPM) to address any needs you have in your organization.

If you’re a database professional, a monitoring engineer, or (like me) an Accidental DBA, there’s a tool in our arsenal that can help you get to the root of your problems quickly and easily. Like our other product forums, we’ve got a place where you can ask questions, begin discussions, make feature requests, and see what the product teams are working on.

I know they’d be glad to see you participating over there, so hop on over and join me as I try to brush the “accidental” away from my own personal description.

THWACK - Symbolize TM, R, and C