Last Chance to Register for Phoenix SWUG

I’m so excited!  The final countdown has started!  We are less than a week away from the SolarWinds User Group® in Phoenix.  Last time I was in Arizona for a SWUG®, it was 2020.  You all remember 2020 – the “before times” – and it was our last stop before everyone was asked to work remote. For two years the SWUG program languished in the no-man’s-land of “virtual events.”  We continued to interact via THWACK, but when it was proposed we moved SWUG to an online event.  Well…

That was a hard “no” from everyone involved with SWUG. There’s something about speaking to people, face-to-face, in the room, that’s unlike any other experience. To say I missed in-person events would be a gross understatement. As much as we all liked meeting with people in our pajamas (zero judgement), we were anxious to get back on the road.

The Phoenix SWUG will close out our 2022 trips for the user groups, and we’ve already started planning cities and dates for 2023.  But, before the year closes, bring yourself, your coworkers, colleagues, managers, and anyone else who’s involved with your SolarWinds solutions to the SWUG.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the solutions.  We love our n00bs as much as the veteran users.  The important part is to come and participate.  Free attendance, free food, free swag, free chances for giveaways, and an opportunity to educate yourself and pass that education on to another community member in need.  Space is limited, so if you haven’t registered already, you should do so now.

We’ll bring the presenters and our knowledge; you bring the questions and your experiences, and we’ll meet somewhere in the middle.  Time’s running out and if you don’t register by October 28, 2022 you’ll have a hand-written badge.  Which we all know is the ultimate mark of shame for any event attendee. (Of course I'm kidding).

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