Last Call for THWACKcamp 2024

THWACKcamp is a free, annual, two-day digital IT learning event brought to you by SolarWinds, featuring expert speakers, interactive sessions, prizes, and more. For over ten years, thousands of tech professionals have joined this fun and interactive event to gain industry insights, fresh perspectives, and best practices for using SolarWinds tools in the ever-shifting IT landscape.

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What goes on behind the scenes to make it happen?

It takes months of planning and work to make THWACKcamp seem an effortless affair. The first step for each THWACKcamp is the initial brainstorming session. Here, we choose an important and exciting theme that will resonate with the IT community. This year’s theme? “Decomplexify IT.”

After selecting the theme, the community team plans the program, working with internal experts and staff, trusted partners, and engaged customers who are often THWACK MVPs. There are usually more ideas for sessions than available slots, so the team must make tough decisions about which to keep and which to discard. As the various session concepts evolve, speakers are enlisted months in advance to start building their slide decks and demos.

Soon, the SolarWinds creative and multimedia teams swing into action. These teams build the engaging graphics and visuals we see throughout the event, as well as those used to promote THWACKcamp in the weeks and months leading up to the big day. On top of all that effort, the multimedia team schedules camera time, interviews speakers, records sessions, and works on post-production for those sessions that aren’t presented live.

What does it take to be a THWACKcamp presenter?

Naturally, many Solarians take part as presenters in THWACKcamp. You’ll see engagement from product managers (PMs) to technical marketers to members of our support team. Our Community Team par excellence is part and parcel of multiple sessions—hat tip to Kevin M. Sparenberg, Chrystal Taylor, and the crew for all their hard work.

But presenter selection goes beyond SolarWinds staff. You’ll also see customers and partners telling stories of difficulties they have faced, ways they overcame these obstacles, and how SolarWinds has helped them move forward with their journey to professional excellence.

How can you become a THWACKcamp presenter?

Simple—through engagement with the SolarWinds staff and community. Help us get to know you through posting on the THWACK discussion forums, adding feature requests, blogging, and helping other users on THWACK.

If you advocate for SolarWinds by engaging in a case study or communicating with PMs about their products, you allow us to raise your profile. Please give it some thought. We're always keen to put customers like you in the spotlight.

What will you get out of it?

There are many reasons to attend a high-quality training event like THWACKcamp. Of course, the most important benefits are gaining deep product knowledge, learning new skills, discovering relevant trends, and exploring technologies. As IT professionals, our day-to-day lives can be measured by the version numbers of the products we use. So, if you don’t engage in learning the latest, you’re falling behind. Don’t let that happen to you!

But even more important than the learning, is the transformative effect of becoming active in a community. Connecting and networking with other IT professionals, industry thought leaders, and product experts enlarge your ability to solve problems and answer questions. This is where the old axiom comes into play: “I don’t always know the answer, but I know people who know the answer.” In a fire-fighting situation with a tight deadline, this puts you in a powerful position.

There are also career benefits to being part of an active community. You can encounter opportunities for side gigs. You could find your next better job because you’re connected to the THWACK community and have friends there. And if you’re a manager, you might meet your next hire there who possesses all the skills you’ve been looking for. All it takes is participation.


We at SolarWinds invest a lot of time and energy in making THWACKcamp an excellent learning experience for you. THWACKcamp and the broader THWACK online community are always here to help you become better technologists, presenters, and community advocates. All it takes is your engagement. We know you’ll gain countless benefits from attending THWACKcamp, from deep learning about technology to expanding and improving your network.

So don’t hesitate – register today!

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See you there on April 17 – 18!

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