It’s a Wrap! THWACKcamp 2022 by the Numbers

THWACKcamp 2022: A Perfect 10

THWACKcamp 2022 is a wrap, and the consensus is in: this was our best THWACKcamp yet.

We really couldn’t have asked for better participation and engagement from our global community of technology professionals. Now in its tenth year, THWACKcamp has continued to grow and serve as an annual milestone event that captures the zeitgeist of the IT industry.

If you missed our virtual THWACKcamp 2022 event this year, be sure to see our On-Demand page, where you can access recordings and related content for all our sessions. Each session is packed with insights, tips, and best practices gathered from our resident experts and Head Geeks. This year’s keynotes also provided a transparent view into what SolarWinds is working on next.

The two-day THWACKcamp 2022 event also had the strongest global reach in the event’s history, with the online format allowing for over 28% of participants to attend and engage outside of the U.S.

With this being my first ever THWACKcamp, here were my biggest takeaways:

  1. SolarWinds products are more than just handy tools for our THWACK® community -- they're a part of their identity. These solutions bring users a lot of value, and they enjoy being part of making them even better.

  2. A little bit of humor/fun goes a long way! There was unanimous consent Kevin () and Chrystal () were fun and enjoyable hosts who amped up the attendees and made the dry, technical content that much more fun.

  3. Do not joke about the name of THWACKsters!

A State of Transformation and Collaboration

The participation and engagement we received during THWACKcamp 2022 was impressive and taking a step back to identify some of the common themes, I think the results tell a story about the state of enterprise IT. With the desire to gain observability across platforms, the heightened management and responsibilities around security, and the need admins are feeling to scale themselves, the industry is striving to work smarter and more effectively through collaboration.

If you’re not a member of THWACK, take a moment to register and join our strong technical community of more than 180,000 folks just like you. THWACK is a place where customers and users congregate to solve problems, share efficiencies and best practices, and provide feedback that shapes the development of our product features and roadmaps. Our thought leaders and experts frequently post new content and even templates and shortcuts you can use across your toolset. 

Once you’re registered, feel free to use this link to connect with my account and send me a direct message. I hope to see you there, and thanks for making this THWACKcamp our best one—until the next one, that is.


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