Introducing the SolarWinds Observability Forum

I’m beyond excited to welcome to THWACK a new product – and a new product forum for SolarWinds Observability.

Product Forums

Like all of the other product forums here on THWACK, you can easily find the space by navigating to Product Forums > Observability > SolarWinds Observability.

Like all the other product spaces, there’s a forum for discussions as well as Q&A, a newsroom to keep up to date on the product news from the SolarWinds staff, a place to submit your feature requests, and our latest What We’re Working On page to keep you in the “know” for the product roadmap.

Additionally, we’ve added a new page outlining the differentiators on the Observability products to help everyone understand how the products compare and contrast.

What else? Well, be sure to subscribe to these spaces to keep up on the conversations.

Subscribe to the Newsroom for Updates

 In the Product Newsroom, click on “Turn Blog Notifications On” to get notified on new posts to the newsroom.  Optionally, you can Bookmark the Blog, so it shows up under your THWACK bookmarks.

You can “unsubscribe” using the same click or manage this and other subscriptions via your THWACK profile (by clicking on your avatar).

Subscribe to the Forum Posts

 Any post to which you respond will automatically be setup for you to follow, but if you want to follow all threads, you can click on Enable Notifications in the right-rail on the forum.

Subscriptions, notifications, and bookmarks are explained in detail in the THWACK Documentation.

Follow Feature Requests

 Just like the Newsroom and the Forum Posts, you can follow all new Feature Requests by selecting “Turn Notifications On.”

Please see How to Create a Feature Request in the THWACK Documentation before submitting a Feature Request.

After you’ve put in or voted on a few feature requests, you’ll get some new content in the right rail giving you updates on your view which include Feature Requests you’ve authored, ones on which you’ve voted, and any ideas that have recently been updated.

With that, I’ll let you begin your discussions and let me be the first to welcome SolarWinds Observability to THWACK!

Introducing SolarWinds Observability
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