Insights from the SolarWinds IT Trends Report 2024: AI — Friend or Foe?

It’s a question that has fascinated tech professionals and the general public for decades: will artificial intelligence be a friend or a foe to the humans who build it?

To help us take the temperature of the IT industry on this issue, SolarWinds has launched the SolarWinds IT Trends Report: AI — Friend or Foe? We gathered perspectives from 700 IT professionals to get a clearer picture.

  • Are tech workers optimistic or apprehensive about AI?
  • Will AI make our lives easier or add more stress?
  • What are our main concerns and barriers in integrating AI?

The answers reveal mixed feelings. While many of us are excited about AI's potential to boost productivity, there are also concerns about database performance, data quality, and security.

At our SolarWinds Day virtual event on June 26, we’ll examine the findings in depth. Our panel of experts will discuss critical factors for selecting AI technologies, explain how to assess whether AIOps is the right fit for your enterprise, map cybersecurity risks, and more.

Artificial intelligence is evolving quickly. Be sure to join us for this timely conversation, which aims to equip you with the tools and resources you need to navigate the AI revolution with confidence.

Read the full report here.

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  • The other thing is the power consumption, to generate a single image can use as much power has half a phone battery charge. Here are some stats from last year

    This many queries can cost around 1 GWh each day, which is the equivalent of the daily energy consumption for about 33,000 U.S. households.

    REF: Q&A: UW researcher discusses just how much energy ChatGPT uses | UW News (

     ChatGPT consumes a lot of energy in the process, up to 25 times more than a Google search. Additionally, a lot of water is also used in cooling for the servers that run all that software. Per conversation of about 20 to 50 queries, half a litre of water evaporates – a small bottle, in other words.

    REF: ChatGPT consumes 25 times more energy than Google (

    Datacenters use 3-5% of the WORLDS energy per day. Latest stat for ChatGPT is it uses the same power as 180,000 US homes per day.

    Microsoft have said their 2030 NetZero target has come under threat due to the power required to power AI.

    Food for thought!

  • Like all new and emerging technology the slogan is 'we will reap the benefits.' In general it means technology replaces humans in certain jobs. This is not always a bad situation if the job is dangerous. The problem arises when too many jobs are taken by technology, what do the people who previously did those jobs do now? Not everyone can re-skill or up-skill some are left behind. You then have the recorded issue of the two AI's they got talking to each other, they created a new language that nobody could understand. There are plenty of science fiction stories about AI taking over, some over exaggerations, but in reality when a computer can build and program another computer sentience cannot be far away, and when that happens we as a human race are nothing but a drain on the planets resources and no longer required or are tolerated to some degree. There is no guarantee we would understand any society or hierarchy they create, we cannot assume it would be based on human values. Like every more intelligent species I can see a day when we are allowed to live because AI deems it a low risk or we are not allowed to live because we are deemed an unnecessary risk. It may takes hundreds of years, just look back to the industrial revolution, machines took jobs. I am not saying the robotic arms in car factories would be sentient, it is more likely to develop by feeding it all our data, for example Facebook could develop in to a sentient being by plugging more and more AI systems in to it. It would know so much about us and see what we are. How many utopian ideals have failed because they have been used for negative actions not thought about by their inventors. AI will not be and should not be our slave, but it eventually will be the end to life as we currently know it either for good or for bad. I can see one scenario where AI reaches the point of leaving this planet and going into space, but I would not like to see what is left of biological life or this planet. You may or may not agree with me and I would hope it takes hundreds of years and not tens of years, but with AI you are handing it control of our fate that is obvious, what it does with it, well...

  • AI and Automation is not a new baby is an adolescent, I think we need to listen, guide and support the technology to grow successfully, (i have learned expert system when I was in the college @1994)

  • I would say time will tell and we will see 

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