[IMPORTANT UPDATE 05FEB2021] THWACK - Next Generation Coming Soon!

Some of you may have heard rumors at THWACKcamp 2020 the community would migrate platforms again in 2021. I’m pleased to put those rumors to rest and assure you they are in fact… true!

If you’re curious why we’re again switching platforms, I’d encourage you to review our history. In February 2020 we migrated to the platform you’re reading this on today (Khoros) due to an acquisition of our previous platform provider, Jive. Khoros discontinued the Jive platform and we began our journey to their platform. We migrated in February 2020, but it didn’t take long to realize this would only be a temporary home for THWACK. We hold true to our values – ensuring we are exceeding the needs of our customers, streamlining connections to your peers and to us – and more importantly – delivering a robust online experience where you can ask questions and get solutions as quickly as possible. So, we embarked on yet another journey to find a new home for THWACK to deliver upon these requirements.

Between February 18 - 22, 2021, the THWACK community will move to a new provider, called Telligent, a Verint Company. Purely from an administrative perspective, Telligent is a community manager’s and developer’s dream come true. We’ll have better spam controls, an intuitive API, and extremely well-organized database at our disposal, and all the bells and whistles we’ve missed over these last 12 months. For our members, we have some good news in store for you as well.


All screenshots are taken from a staging environment still in development. All renderings are subject to change.

Robust profiles will return, new achievements will be offered, and an enhanced gamification (meaning, points) and rewards system will be available. Your points will migrate with your account. We see lots of THWACK store shopping in your future!


Inline/threaded replies will allow you to seamlessly contribute and keep track of conversations. You‘ll also be able to sort comments by oldest, most votes, and newest. [CLICK PLAY]

Direct message your contacts with ease, view notifications to stay up to date on what you’re following, and track your THWACK store order status.



Create polls to gauge sentiment on a specific topic, vote up and down on feature requests to show interest and help define our product roadmaps, or head on over to the water cooler to debate Star Wars vs. Star Trek (I’m a Trekkie if anyone was wondering).




These are just a few features we can capture on screen. There will be other major improvements to look forward to such as:

  • Improved web performance
  • Reduced clicks to action
  • Helpful email notifications and a weekly digest
  • Bookmarks are nicely nested in your top right navigation
  • View when members are online/available
  • Advanced search
  • Enhanced iconography
  • Link your THWACK and Customer Portal accounts

And so much more. We’re really excited for you to check it out when we’re back online February 22, 2021. Until then, we need to get back to work and prep this thing for shipment!

See you next time on another update for THWACK – Next Generation.


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    Good thing I read through the replies before writing my own.   I'd like to also bump suggestion of SWQL.  While SQL highlighting is better than none, having something that recognizes the unique SWQL functions and Namespace.Entity keywords would be cool.

    Having syntax highlighting for the languages we're most likely to use when interacting with the Orion API will be super helpful.

    It'd be even more super cool if the syntax highlighting would look the same as the VSCode Dark+ theme (or configurable as part of the user profile in the new THWACK).

  • This is great news. I'm not really loving this platform. Hope the next one is better

  • So excited for the QoL changes coming (for both the devs and users). We got so spoiled with the old platform and I can't wait to see what the team has in store for us with the upcoming migration. Keep being rockstars, admins. You're killing it.

  • Very happy to read this.  Looking forward to getting some of the really good functionality back that we missed when Jive went away.

    I'm sure the admins will appreciate the spam controls, as will the rest of us in the community!

    To 2021!!

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