Holiday Glitch Guide: We’re Making a List and Checking it Twice

The holidays are in full swing and while we hope this time of year will only bring good tidings and cheer, sometimes it doesn’t always go our way. Maybe the store sold out of the last item on your special someone’s wish list, or the holiday roast overcooked. Regardless, the best we can do when our holiday plans go awry is to learn and prepare for next time so our holidays can continue without a hitch!

The same can be said for the technology solutions we develop and use—sometimes they don’t perform as perfectly as intended. So we’re making a list, and checking it twice. We want to hear from you about times this year when your hybrid or cloud applications acted more naughty than nice.

We want to know about the glitches that almost turned you into a grinch this past year. What web application problems did you spend the most time troubleshooting and debugging? Was it downtime? Slow speeds? Whatever it is, we want to know the common issues that impacted application performance.

Let us know what the common glitches you experienced in 2019 were, by December 12, and we’ll give you 250 THWACK points in exchange!

  • moving to Amazon WorkDocs what a challenging task early morning data transfers where some of it wouldnt upload as expected and would take hours to complete.

  • There were some basics that were common, times when there was high CPU, Memory, Disk Space, etc. The alert thresholds were not set properly, users contacting us before our monitoring tools contacted us.

  • Our biggest glitch was likely moving to a new ITSM tool.  Not so much that there were applications issues, but the project was a short timeline, so not all can be thought of or tested.  Of course with something like this there is an adjustment period for all users.  There will be additional work and development that will be done ongoing to relieve pain points.  From an application point there is slow connection to the application prior to the SAML authentication.

  • I remember one time I wanted to upgrade to Thwack backpack 1.0, but I didn't have enough Thwack points. I saved for a long time, and just as I had enough the Thwack backpack was out of stock! What was happening, was there a new version coming? I foolishly spent my points elsewhere, classic mistake - well documented. But then Thwack backpack 2.0 was released! I started saving again. I finally had enough points, but then the error re-occured although this time it was different. The Shop said I was out of shipping area, and that they current do not deliver to the United Kingdom! No DR was available, what a disaster! There is no known fix currently, I have to wait for a new version of Thwack backpack - maybe 3.0? Lesson learnt though, I will save my points and not adopt other new releases so quickly this time.

  • The biggest issue we have experience to-date was Cyber Monday. The employees that was at work spent most of the morning surfing the web shopping. This impacted out Azure databases and slowed down the network. A quick modification of the firewall resolved the issue.