Hello. Welcome back to THWACK. It's nice to see you again.

Hello again, friends. Come in, sit down. May I offer you a glass of water? Or, if you're in Texas, a glass of wine?

It may be the incessant jazz that's been playing in my office for the last 96 hours, but the intro to this blog post was clearly inspired. Also, if you are in any of the affected areas by the recent winter storms here in the States, we hope you are well, warm and safe. 

The teams here at SolarWinds, despite *ahem* challenging circumstances, are pleased to welcome you to your new THWACK community. Please let us know if you have any questions along your tour. 


For all how-to documentation and community related questions or requests, please visit, subscribe and/or bookmark the THWACK Command Center.


Robust profiles will return, new achievements will be offered, and an enhanced gamification (meaning, points) and rewards system will be available. Your points will migrate with your account. We see lots of THWACK store shopping in your future!


Inline/threaded replies will allow you to seamlessly contribute and keep track of conversations. You‘ll also be able to sort comments by oldest, most votes, and newest. [CLICK PLAY]

Direct message your contacts with ease, view notifications to stay up to date on what you’re following, and track your THWACK store order status.



Create polls to gauge sentiment on a specific topic, vote up and down on feature requests to show interest and help define our product roadmaps, or head on over to the water cooler to debate Star Wars vs. Star Trek (I’m a Trekkie if anyone was wondering).




These are just a few features we can capture on screen. Some other enhancements that come to mind...

  • Improved web performance
  • Reduced clicks to action
  • Helpful email notifications and a weekly digest
  • Bookmarks are nicely nested in your top right navigation
  • View when members are online/available
  • Advanced search
  • Enhanced iconography
  • Link your THWACK and Customer Portal accounts

If you see find some shiny new perks along the way, please share with your peers in the comments below! Otherwise, we are thrilled to be back online and our work does not stop here!