Happy SysAdmin Day!

The response today is “Whoa-oh!”

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You all know how it goes: you do the tireless work for 364 days of the year, but today is your day and we’re celebrating it here on THWACK®. If you’ve been living your best life on a sunny beach somewhere (or potentially avoiding the UV rays under a pile of tickets), we’re here to celebrate you – those tireless IT Professionals who give their all for your organizations.

Whether you are an IT staff of one, a member of a tight, but integral team, or one of countless colleagues spanning the planet, this is your day and we want you to make the most of it. We’ve gathered all the fun and festivities right here on THWACK. And, like all good technologists, we’ve given you a project plan (but we promise this one is fun)…

Ballot box with check Participate in the THWACK monthly mission including our SysAdmin day puzzle

Ballot box with check Watch our SysAdminDay appreciation videos

Ballot box with check Listen to our SysAdmin TechPod podcast with yours truly

Ballot box with check Tell us in the comments how you are celebrating and how does your organization recognize your devotion?

Long story short: we appreciate you!

Don’t forget your sunscreen as you go about your festivities!

  • Very good. I think the  admin thwach answer my question about my old account, have more 2 months I try contact and not back notice.   My old account have more 60k points. I need back access, please.

  • i will be celebrating by travelling 60 miles to go and patch a network cables as the desktop support guys keep saying that they don't have the time.... I need a beer

  • All I can say is that my organization loves me and my team by saying "Okay, you get to make your own 24x7 team that we never had before." My only response:

    "But sir, I've only worked here a month. And I have no experience in building a team from scratch."

    I can honestly say, though, that I am appreciative of my managers and directors. They understand how much we were given to work with - especially in early 2020, before we were all sent home -  and how much is riding on our success. I'm also appreciative of the folks that I support - frontline medical staff, and all of the assistants and staff that support them.

  • Hahaha this reminds me of what my colleague experienced... Employee's phone wasn't working. Replace the phone while they are away with a working one. Later another request from the same employee, go to fix their phone and find them dialing buttons with a sandwich not their fingers... Lol 

    Hard to react "properly" sometimes...

  • Note to self: Request a larger desk

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