Happy New Year: What Will Be Different This Time Around?

2019 is coming to an end, and what a great year it was! This tech year was all about data security, IoT, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, connected cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions, among many other advanced technologies. As we reminisce about the good moments from the past year, there’s much excitement for the unknown in the year ahead.

With expectations for 2020 building up, we want to hear from you. What do you think we should expect in the upcoming year? What new technologies will rule 2020? What “old” technologies are here to stay? Tell us about skills—new ones, old ones, the ones you want to learn more about?

We want to start the year learning from you—let us know what you think will change in 2020 and what excites you the most about the possibilities that lie ahead by December 19 and we’ll give you 250 THWACK points.

  • How about matching it up with NPM to start?  (400K).

  • Thinking about NPM, NTA, and perhaps NCM - as well as some of the IPSLA capabilities in VNQM - what new capabilities would you like to see in the Orion suite of products that would make SD-WAN management easier/better for you?

    How often do you change policies for the various types of traffic you run?  Is that usually just "set-and-forget", or do make tweaks to your policies?  How often?

    Do you have a good set of metrics already for performance by path?

    We're thinking through some of the key challenges in this space, and considering how that impacts our roadmap.  Now is a good time to weigh in ;-)


  • So to start with bandwidth with our MPLS was very expensive in comparison we can budget for much bigger connections using SDWAN. We use a number tools to measure connectivity and performance, Solarwinds NPM (of course), Netflow, Smokeping and the Gates built in tools. (+ user feedback!)

    Yes we can react to changes in Network conditions and Traffic patterns changes very quickly without having to rely on our providers to make any changes, also the built in metrics are excellent particularly when combined with Netflow etc.

  • How are you characterizing performance, relative to MPLS?  Are you using any kind of active measurements, looking at metrics from FortiOS, or something else..?

    I'm assuming the the flexibility you're getting has to do with being able to role out configuration changes faster/easier, or at a broader scale - is that correct?