Geek Out: The Power of Community Groups

We live in the most connected age of digital history, yet we still feel the lingering effects of the loneliness epidemic that followed the global pandemic. Technology can surpass geographic boundaries and bring people from all walks of life together in their shared experiences who previously would have never connected.

For our THWACK team, this is what community is all about. We’ll always strive to break bread with our Internet friends and create a space where you feel welcome. Because of that mission, we’re thrilled to introduce a new way of connection via Community Groups. Our team believes that allowing our members to self-identify their interests will facilitate deeper connections and create more meaningful bonds. These groups will aim to be hubs of information covering a range of IT topics that are product agnostic, where members like you can go for knowledge transfer and mutual support.

The following are a few key reasons why you should join:

Shared Interests and Passions
Your group will provide a safe space for you to nerd out on your favorite topic with other equally passionate folks. There’s nothing more infectious than shared enthusiasm.

Learning and Growth
These groups are intended to facilitate learning and growth, so you pick up tips and tricks, discover new resources, or learn new trends and developments for the topic you’re interested in.

Support and Encouragement
It’s important to have a group of individuals you know are in the trenches with you and understand what you face day-to-day. Think of this space as your own mini-fan club to share your discoveries, talk through losses, and celebrate your wins.

Networking and Opportunities
Nervous about creating a network and finding YOUR people? We’ve done the hard work for you so you can build new relationships and possibly discover your next mentor/mentee.

A Sense of Belonging
Listen, we’re social creatures by nature, and having a friend in your corner is a basic need. These users get YOU, and you get them. Our hope is that you never feel alone in your tech adventures and that you feel more connected here than anywhere else in IT.

We’re excited to unveil two new community groups: Data Driven and DevOps Discourse.

  •  Data Driven – This is a place for all your data discourse. Whatever the flavor of your structured query is, this is the place to chat about it with your database peers.
  •  DevOps Discourse – It doesn't matter if you are Ops, DevOps, SecOps, DevSecOps, or AnythingOps - here we're all joining the discussion.

If you have any interest in the two, consider joining today so you can geek out ASAP. We look forward to adding more community groups in 2024.

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