Earn THWACK points for attending our SolarWinds Academy Classes!

As a response to many of our customers, I am pleased to announce that starting on April 20, 2017 we will now be providing THWACK points for attending our SolarWinds Academy virtual live classes.  My hope is this offering will expose the great training we provide today to even more of our existing customers.  In order to receive your points you must attend the class and complete the training survey with a valid THWACK ID.  The point amounts are listed below.  Remember you can attend any class as long as you are under active maintenance for one product.

Once the class is completed you will be awarded points based on the length of the class, up to 2000 points*.

1 hour = 500

2 hours = 1,000

3 hours = 1,500

4 hours = 2,000

Please see the Virtual Classrooms Calendar for upcoming courses.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

*points will be awarded within 5-10 business days of class completion.

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