Countdown to Connection: Join the SolarWinds User Group in Atlanta

SolarWinds User Group - Atlanta, GA - July 23-24, 2024

The clock is ticking for an incredible opportunity to join the SolarWinds User Group (SWUG) in Atlanta, GA on July 23-24, 2024! This event is a must-attend for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of SolarWinds products and network with fellow enthusiasts. It's a unique chance to engage with SolarWinds experts, product managers, and engineers, as well as to gain insights from other users' experiences. The agenda promises a lineup of enriching sessions, including keynotes from SolarWinds executives and interactive sessions that allow for hands-on learning and collaboration.

Remember, SWUGs are exclusively in-person, ensuring a rich experience that fosters real connections and in-depth learning. And the best part? Registration is completely free! However, don't wait too long; the registration deadline is fast approaching.

Also, for those planning to stay, make sure to book your room before July 10 to take advantage of the special discounted rates.

This is your chance to elevate your SolarWinds knowledge and connect with the community—register now and secure your spot at this not-to-be-missed event!

Is Atlanta to far? We'll be in Denver on June 25-26. If time is running out for Atlanta, it's just about done for Denver SWUG!

  • I guess I missed the boat. Atlanta as a cooler time of the year is probably a good thing though.

  • I can neither confirm nor deny the use of pyrotechnics.  The lawyers advise me to no longer respond to these obvious flagrant, and inciteful rumors.  The only incendiaries will be on the belated 21st birthday cake for THWACK.  I'm also advised that the local fire marshalls have not yet cleared confectionary conflagration.  Disregard all previous statements.  A formal retraction will be published after we have had suitable time to review all outstanding inquiries.

    But in truth, SWUG is fantastic, and Atlanta is a great town.  Being up in Buckhead is great.  It's still inside I-285 but not riddled with the traffic conundrum of being "downtown." The last time we were in Atlanta, I was accompanied by  , and we hit local museums.  She especially liked the Margaret Mitchell House.

  • Specifically, I believe I heard is going to blow something up with firecrackers

    All humor aside, SWUGS are great. You learn a lot, it's a good opportunity to connect with people and learn new stuff as well.

  • If you have not signed up, and this is an event that you can make it to.. .PLEASE GO - you will get to ask questions, learn lots of stuff and find out that you were not the only one with that strange question about monitoring. Well worth your time, and there is no cost for the SWUG itself. The usual lodging or transport fees may apply with taxes included..... I will start a rumor too - There might be a fireworks display at the end of day one. This is totally a rumor and false, but why not?

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