Congratulations To The 2023 THWACK MVPs

After much deliberation, we’re excited to announce that we’ve selected the next THWACK® MVPs to represent our 195k+ strong community. Spanning across the globe from many different backgrounds, these community users have set themselves apart as outstanding contributors in the day-to-day of THWACK. You’ve seen them in the forums, cried alongside them in monthly missions, and maybe shared a beer with them at a recent SWUG. They represent the true mission of our online community: IT peers sharing knowledge.

Please join us in a round ‘o applause for 2023’s MVPs:

THWACK MVPs for 2023
Maybe you in 2024

That sounds nifty – how do I get chosen? 

We’re glad you asked! The best thing you can do to be selected to become a THWACK MVP is engage. It’s that simple. As you become successful on your journey with SolarWinds solutions, share that knowledge and experience with others. Get involved in the forums, volunteer to give a case study, or ask how you can get involved at your local SWUG. These are just a few examples of how to distinguish yourself amongst your IT peers as a true leader here within the community.   

To explore the MVP program, learn more here.

Again, congratulations to all 2023 THWACK MVPs! Feel free to drop them a virtual pat on the back in the comments.  


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