Congratulations to the IT Pro Day 2022 Award Winners

IT Pro Day 2022

Bang the gong, ring the bell, cue that cymbal strike, and, of course, more cowbell – today is IT Pro Day! A day just for you, the IT pros that keep the lights on. It doesn’t matter if those are the warm glow of amber hard drive activity lights or the cool greens of network ports.

This marks the eighth year of IT Pro Day and, like in years past, there are awards for those IT professionals who have gone above and beyond. This year, like years past, we’re honoring the best of the best with the IT Pro Day 2022 Awards.

IT Pro Day 2022 Award Winners

Join me in congratulating this year’s winners!

Rookie of the Year: Sebastian Gonzalez

Rookie of the Year

Sebastian Gonzalez won for Rookie of the Year for his role with Rock Energy Systems in Wisconsin. He's new to Rock Energy, but has set himself apart from the crowd - there and elsewhere. Join me in congratulating Sebastian! [Read More]
Rockstar of the Year: Tim Techathuvanan

Rockstar of the Year

Tim Techathuvanan was selected at the IT Pro Day winner for Rockstar of the Year. In a career that's spanned decades, his most recent work for the National Institutes of Health automating virtual machines is what set him apart and made him a Rockstar. Congrats to Tim! [Read More]
IT Mentor of the Year: Zia Ur Rehman

IT Mentor of the Year

Winning in my favorite category is Zia Ur Rehman for IT Mentor of the year. The IT Mentor award holds a special place in my heart because learning from others is the best way to advance your own knowledge and career. His experience with multiple companies gives him experience far and wide. Let's get some applause going for Zia! [Read More]
Trailblazer of the Year: Damstra Insights

Trailblazer of the Year

Going above and beyond is the entire team at Damstra Insights. Although IT pros are willing to embrace change, there are some that show stand-out greatness. Covering all manners of day-to-day operations, but concentrating on business analytics, quality assurance, and product management, this team does it all. Keep on lighting those fires, following the trends, and laying a path to inspire others, team! [Read More]

Don't forget to participate in the IT Pro Day mini-mission and check out our videos celebrating all IT Pros.

Just for Fun

For those of us who toil in IT each and every day, this is a celebration of everything you do for your companies, for your teams, and for yourself. If it were in my power to celebrate everyone this year, I would. But alas, all I can do is offer you a laugh or two to take you away from your daily headaches. Please enjoy this departure from the norm (or not-so-norm) with a few videos.

IT Pro Day 2022 | Campfire

IT Pro Day 2022 | Letter Home

IT Pro Day 2022 | Zombies

Give a Listen

Listen to ChrystalTSPSDude, and Chris Bowie as they talk about the evolution of the IT Pro.  It's a great listen.

From myself, the SolarWinds community, and IT professionals everywhere, enjoy your win – you have all earned it. The IT Pro Awards (like all of IT) changes all the time. What awards should be added for IT Pro Day 2023?

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