Calling All IT Heroes!

We need photos of IT Pros like you for our website - We're looking to feature our thwack community members in their real-life work setting—working in the server room, fixing a problem, helping a co-worker, or whatever you do to keep your shop up and running.


  • Ideally, the photos should show your face, be high resolution quality, and include several poses, if possible. We want to show the world what your world looks like and how you save the day.
  • The picture should be a wide horizontal shot with preferably a 16:9 aspect ratio and at least 1200px wide.
  • If you’d like, please include a short comment about yourself, what you were doing while the photo was taken, or how SolarWinds’ products help make your job better.

So, what’s in it for you?

Everyone who submits a photo in the comments below will receive:

  • the " Hero" badge for your profile.

If your photo is chosen to be used on, you will receive:

  • Your choice of a $75 ThinkGeek or Amazon gift card.
  • Oh - and you'll be front and center on the homepage!

We’ll contact you by email to let you know if you were chosen and get the info on where to send your gift card.

Our Legal team wants us to remind you to make sure you have permission from your employer to take photos in your office and you’ll need to sign a photo release (we’ll send it to you) if we use your image.  Your company name won’t be used.

Here is are a few examples.  The first two feature some of our MVPs - Kevin Small and Scott Sadlocha.  Please know that we will handle any retouching, effects, etc. Any changes made will be passed by you for your sign off before we add it to our website.

kevin small.JPG



Please submit your photo(s) in the comments below.  We appreciate your participation and look forward to adding YOU to our catalog of photos powered by the thwack community.

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  • Yes, we had zinc whiskers in two data centers.  Each time someone lifted up a floor tile to work beneath it, microscopic filaments of zinc would break off and float through the air.  Of course the area beneath the data center's raised floor was a cold air plenum, and was blown or pulled up into each server rack.  It was a brief while until the zinc particles were pulled by fans into servers and spinning disks.  IBM had a field day replacing hard drives for us, until we all learned the cause.

    Remediating zinc whiskers isn't a challenge I wish on anyone nice.  Have a spare million dollars or two in your pocket before you start that project.

  • Hi DanielleH​ and maria.bungau​. Was I too late to post for this badge?

  • Are you perhaps referring to zinc dendrites (zinc whiskers)?

  • Nice!!! <applause> emoticons_laugh.png Good times is had all the way around...

  • pastedImage_0.png

    On-site at a new facility's construction trailer, preparing to review the Network Room's layout, the WAN stub-ins through the concrete, physical security, fiber pulls, and rack installation.


    Treating the folks who benefit from a rock solid network to a night out.


    Remembering what life was like before the network sucked it all out of me . . .


    An early version of my personal mini-NOC


    Enjoying new 8' racks and a pair of 4510 chasses in a newly remodeled network room

    The same room as above, before and after.  Three 7' racks reduced to two 8' racks.

    pastedImage_7.png pastedImage_6.png


    Some of my best networking is done outdoors.  Never mind what Mr. Far-Left is having for breakfast, pay attention to the scrambled eggs al Fresco!


    Jacking up a running data center rack with three hydraulic pumps to allow a higher data center floor to be installed.  Ask me about Zinc Whiskers if you have a hour to waste.


    Last year's Selfie while inspecting a hospital Operating Room for network (wired and wireless) compliance with our standards.