Bring a Friend to London SWUG Day

In truth, bring them to London for two days on April 19-20.

That’s right. As much as we’d like to think we can everything on our own, the smartest of us realize that we can’t do it all by ourselves. That’s what’s amazing about a SolarWinds User Group: it’s not just for the SolarWinds admins, it’s for everyone involved in IT.

We’ve got sessions geared towards the database administrators, sessions keyed towards IT management, sessions for the network and system administrators, and even discussions for those of us who have found ourselves in a DevOps-adjacent role. If it touches IT, then SolarWinds probably has a way to help and a SWUG is the best way to find out about that help.

Plus, with three distinct tracks each day, there’s no way you could cover it all yourself. Unless you channel some astral projection, I’m pretty sure you can’t be in all three track sessions at the same time. Even if you were an adept at projection, how would you take notes in each with your ethereal hands?

I’m sure you’re seeing this and thinking, “We can’t possibly afford to send three technical professionals to a technology conference for multiple days.” Let me put those fears aside: attendance at a SolarWinds User Group is free. As in nada, zilch, zero, null. We’ve even gone so far as requesting a special rate at the venue if you’d like to nix any commute for you and your colleagues. Staying at the venue is an excellent way to remove temporal guardrails from your conversations (read “you can have conversations long into the night if needed”).  The negotiated rate is only available until March 13, 2023, so act now.

If the team registers and gets there, your entire team can attend. And don’t worry about being offline for two days of boredom. Firstly, a SWUG is anything but boring (check the agenda if you don't believe me) and secondly, there will be complementary wireless networks available, and you are the author of your own destiny. If you need to put out a fire or take a meeting, we ask that you step out of any of the presentations sessions to do the work. We all understand how the day-to-day of being IT pros.

Tell me a story about who you plan on bringing or who you wish you brought before if you are a previous SWUG attendee. I look forward to hearing from my fellow THWACKsters and seeing you in London.

  • I'd like to bring my partner but I think she will refuse do to a huge and demanding work role in admin for a university. So I am planning on bringing my friend who knows alot about me with IT . I met him in hospital and I'm planning on having a road trip with me and Matt who is a close friend now. I'm hoping together we can make a difference

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