Bracket Battle 2023: Semifinals Recap

There's only one word for the voting that took place in the semifinals of the THWACK Bracket Battle 2023 and that word is "WOW."

I cannot believe that Lego triumphed over Transformers. I thought for sure that THWACKsters would be coming out of the proverbial woodwork to vote on this challenge, and none of us were disappointed. Passions flared, blood pressures increased, and blood debts were incurred. (Ok, probably not any of that, but I've got a vivid imagination.

On the other side of the bracket, we had Nerf Blaster (75%) summarily trounce Spirograph (25%) in what can only be called a blow-out for the ages. We may have seen this coming, but it was still a surprise when the results came across our news tickers.

That's it.  It's down to Lego vs. Nerf Blaster for the whole enchilada and we can expect this to be a neck-and-neck race to the wire. It's now time for the finals.

Two toys enter, and only one returns victorious.

  • I think Lego is a more cerebral toy that might even be considered more than a "toy." It takes more imagination, it develops analytical thinking, and it's limited only by the number of Legos you are able to amass in your collection. As opposed to Transformers that are a more early-stage toy for make-believe play time and imaginative efforts - but much less of a mental development exercise. I'm not surprised at all that a group of IT pros would vote Lego over Transformers - just like I did!

    IMHO, of course... Slight smile

    Fun battle for sure!

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