Bracket Battle 2023: Quarterfinals Recap

Well, well, well. Look who made it through to the next round. The quarterfinals of the Toys 4 Techies Bracket Battle was an emotional ride for many, myself included, but I'm here to report the results, not complain about my hurt feelings about the results.

The pack is thinning out and the semifinals are next, but let's take a quick look back at the quarterfinals.

  • G.I. Joe vs. Legos - 17% vs 83% - Who knew that Cobra Command was in cahoots with the brick system?  But seriously - was anyone really shocked by this result?
  • Etch A Sketch vs. Transformers - 37% vs 63% - error: pithy remark not found.
  • Spirograph vs. Sock'em Boppers - 54% vs 46% - Coming from the outside the Sock'em Boppers fought their way through multiple rounds, but eventually fell to spiraling doodles.  In this case, art truly defeated violence.
  • Magic 8 Ball vs. Nerf Blaster - 29% vs 71% - For this round, the response from the Magic 8 Ball was "Outlook not good."

The upset of this round would go to Spirograph over Sock'em Boppers, who just slid through by the hairs of their teeth. But can they continue this trend in the semifinals? Your vote determines who goes onto the final match up for the 2023 Bracket Battle!

THWACK - Symbolize TM, R, and C