Bracket Battle 2021: Time To Bring The NOISE!

The line-up is set, and the arena is full… it’s time to get this battle started! 

As is customary, we eased you into the Battle Royale with a teaser round, a little taste of the matchups to follow. A pairing of pop-sensation madness designed to scratch a nostalgic itch. We went deep into the cartoon vault to dig out two fabulous female-led groups so compelling, they each scored live action remakes decades later.

 Only one can move on to try to take the crown of Best Fake Band. 350+ of you voted, and this year’s play-in round goes to…

Josie and the Pussycats!

Derivative, of course… hey, if you find a good formula, make it work! But also, this band was groundbreaking, including the first regularly appearing Black female cartoon character on a Saturday morning cartoon show.

Now, they move on to the big game. Can their wholesome cartoon pop-star goodness survive against the formidable, hard-charging, yet totally irresponsible Wyld Stallyns? Who will you pick as the winner of the ‘90s sitcom bands amp-to-amp, hunky Uncle Jessie, or everyone’s favorite high-school schemer Zach Morris?

 (Psst, we heard through the grapevine the California Raisins are the long shot bet to take it all!)

 The battle of 32 is upon us, let’s turn this thing up to 11!

Thwack - Symbolize TM, R, and C