AUSTIN SWUG: Time to dust off your boots.

Y’all, it’s time for another action-packed SolarWinds User Group® (SWUG®), and this time we’re heading down to the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX. For those unfamiliar with what a SWUG is, continue to read on. If you are familiar, then click the button below to register now. And for the first 100 people to register and check in at the event, a special gift will be provided.

If you’ve continued this far, you must be wondering what a SWUG is. Well, let’s go over what you can expect during this 2-day conference.

To start with, a SWUG is NOT:

  • Running with the big dogs
    • This event is not like other over-priced industry events where you’re followed around by salespeople. While at a SWUG, you’ll attend several hours of training learning about what’s happening next as well as sharing ideas on how to make the most of your monitoring solution(s), all while having chances to win THWACK® points, SWUG SWAG, and prizes; all for the low price of zero, nada, nothing.
  • Unplugged
    • Unlike other events, we fully understand work continues. And while we want you to have time to focus on the information being shared, we know sometimes work needs your attention. So, we encourage you to bring your laptops. Free Wi-Fi will be available throughout the conference to help you stay connected.
  • A training video in real life
    • While the agenda is packed with some great sessions, we’re not there to talk to you; we’re there to talk with Bring all your questions, ideas, and thoughts because staff will be onsite to listen to you.


  • Our chance to bring into real life
    • When you attend a SWUG, we hope your experience echoes the experiences you have on THWACK. At a SWUG, community members at all levels in their monitoring journey come and help others improve their professional knowledge in a non-judgmental, inclusive, and engaging forum.
  • The technical training you want
    • It doesn’t matter if you installed your SolarWinds solution(s) yesterday or have been around for years; we encourage you to look over the agenda and plan your days to get the most out of the information to help push you to the next level.
  • A chance to have your voice heard
    • Unlike other industry events, we’ll have staff at our SWUG who not only want to hear from you but can take feedback and quickly move on it.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the button now to register. Seats are limited, so don’t wait too long. Hotel and other essential information can be found on our SWUG website. If you have been to a SWUG in the past, please share your thoughts in the comments below. And if you’re a “first-timer” and still have questions, feel free to post them here, and we’ll get back to you in a Texas two-step minute.

  • Looking forward to meeting y'all...  I live in the Austin area, so I've not got too far to travel.  I normally pay no attention to these shows, but this one is in my back yard.  This will be my first SWUG.

    So will there be session streams posted online after the conference?  I ask because I see one or two times I will be wanting to attend two sessions at the same time, so I've got THAT going for me...

    When y'all come to Austin, remember it is HOT and HUMID.  Some Septembers it is 105 every day with 90% humidity, so keep that in mind.  The convention is near a great recreational lake, just up the road you can rent a boat and find a wet place to park it and go for a swim.  A few years ago Bee Cave was a trading post and a gas station, but today it has a Galleria mall, Lakeway golf, and a Vibrant night life in Austin in the 6th street and warehouse districts of downtown... if you are into that sort of thing.  

  • You going too ? 

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