Announcing the SolarWinds THWACK MVPs for 2021

What is the THWACK MVP Program?

The THWACK® MVP Program represents a highly coveted status for members of the THWACK community who go above and beyond to exhibit and share their knowledge of SolarWinds® products within the broader community.

What does a THWACK MVP do?

MVPs are passionate about monitoring with SolarWinds solutions and are recognized by achieving this status in the THWACK community. Engaging with SolarWinds staff, customers, and prospects on a frequent and consistent basis is just the beginning of their contributions. They’ve made the most out of their SolarWinds environments and strive to help others become successful with their environments.  MVPs are also recognized for their contributions to the broader technology community in addition to their contributions on THWACK.

Opportunities for THWACK MVP interactions include:

  • Extensive work with product managers on betas and release candidates
  • Guest blogging on THWACK
  • Exclusive access to user experience researchers
  • Acting as a reference for other customers
  • Participating in SolarWinds User Groups
  • Assisting and answering questions on the various THWACK forums
  • Presenting with SolarWinds at industry events
  • Providing feedback and quotes for public relations and/or website use
  • Participating in case studies
  • Participating and presenting in SolarWinds webcasts

What are the perks of being a THWACK MVP?

In recognition of their outstanding achievement, SolarWinds extends several benefits. Within the THWACK community, MVPs are granted a badge to signify their accomplishment, exclusive access to private forums, and free international shipping from the THWACK store. SolarWinds also offers each MVP an annual MVP-exclusive gift, Not For Resale (NFR) licenses for products, and priority queueing for support requests.

How can you become a THWACK MVP?

Simply put: engage. Engage with us, engage with the community, engage on the forums. As you become successful on your journey with SolarWinds solutions, share that knowledge and experience with others.  Becoming a THWACK MVP isn’t a race to the most THWACK points, exclusive for persons managing enterprise infrastructures, or the number of comments on threads, but in the content you put out to better the community as a whole.

MVP selection is an annual process and feedback is collected from existing THWACK MVPs, community sentiment, SolarWinds product managers and user experience team, and the THWACK community administrators. Tenure for a THWACK MVP is yearly. After a year, each MVP will be reassessed.

What’s a good way to get started?

Pick a forum, follow the content, and answer questions. Sign up for Beta and Release Candidate testing when possible for your existing products. Register as a Usabili-buddy (a user experience participant) and participate in the development of SolarWinds solutions.

Who are the THWACK MVPs?

We’re so glad you asked. Here’s the list of new and returning THWACK MVPs. Be sure to congratulate them and say hello.

New for 2021 Returning for 2021