Announcing General Availability of NPM 10.6

We are proud to announce the General Availability of Orion NPM 10.6.  Below you will find a set of the major features with this new release. 

  • New reporting with new canned reports
  • New Top XX Canned Reports
  • UnDP (custom pollers) on Maps
  • Improved BigIP F5 Interface Polling Support
  • Add filtering capabilities to Custom Chart
  • World Map
  • Un-manage/maintenance window improvements
  • Traps / Syslog rule improvements
  • DB manager improvements
  • Charting: Fixing the label issue

You can download the new release from your customer portal.

Also, please find the release notes here

Read all about the fantastic features included in Orion NPM 10.6 here: Introducing the new "Worldwide Map" resource or here:The New-and-Improved Report Writer- now with Electrolytes!

If you are specifically interested in how to use new reporting you may find this video useful.

We are listening so you may see things from Feature Request forum like:

Report Writer Search Feature | thwack

More Export options | thwack

UnDP Status on Map Icons | thwack

Custom Report with Graph or Chart , FEATURE REQUEST - Scheduled Chart and Graph type reports

  • If you need any more info let me know. I am using a VM snapshot based on Windows Server 2008. It is fully patched and I have used it to install NPM 10.1, 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5 without any problems.


  • Hi,

    strange error. you are the first one reporting this as I'm aware of. Let me take a look at this problem. I'll come back to you shortly.



  • Not sure where to log this but there is an annoying 'feature' with the install which I did not have with previous NPM versions. Installing on Win2008 server, the annoying part is you cant click on the link in the error message so you have to go find it.


    When you do type in the link you get a download not available message which leaves you stuck. Just thought I would let you know as your installs are normally error free