2021 Bracket Battle: These Bands Survive to Play Another Day

We have completed the first full round in this year’s Bracket Battle Royale and while some of these matchups were pretty uneven (looking in your direction Spinal Tap), we were pleased to see some tight races and some sharp debate. We have sixteen fantasy bands, hand-selected by this community, that are advancing to the next round.


It is always interesting to see what our collective geekdom will value as we evaluate the head to heads… and it seems that everyone feels a little squeamish after voting the Jessie and The Rippers and Zach Attack pairing… but in order to find the band SUPREME, sacrifices must be made. Bar for bar, measure for measure, this Bracket Battle is primed to go down in history as Almost Famous.


Let’s get right into the next round of matchups for your consideration:


The Soggy Bottom Boys takes on The Lone Rangers

Mystik Spiral faces off against Wyld Stallyns

Otis Day and the Knights tries to turn down the lights on The Be Sharps

Figrin D’an and the Model Nodes are chomping at the bit to battle Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

Buckaroo Banzai goes toe to toe with Spinal Tap

Stillwater looks to wash over The Blues Brothers

Weird Sisters are ready to rage against Jessie and The Rippers

Mouse Rat will try to squeak past Autobahn


It’s up to you to decide who will advance to our quarterfinals and take one step closer to victory.


Access the bracket and make your next round selections here.



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