2021 Bracket Battle: Eight Bands Standing…

It feels a little like we’ve been hosting our own little music festival for the past few weeks. We have seen bands come and some bands go… we have collectively waxed nostalgic and collectively questioned whoever built this bracket for including Zack Attack! It may seem corny, but music really does bring people together, even FAKE music.

We also noticed some debate this round about how TRULY fake some of these bands really are… to which we reply, what kind of Battle Bracket would it be without a little controversy! Yes, some of these bands recorded ACTUAL songs and albums. Yes, some played live gigs, and some even have music videos… but we would argue it was all a part of the act!

So, where are we at the end of Round 2? We had some clear breakaway acts and a couple of nail-biters… may we present your candidates for the Quarterfinals!

  • The Blues Brothers are on a mission to take down Spinal Tap in what is expected to be one of the toughest matchups of the bracket thus far
  • Jessie and the Rippers and Autobahn both squeaked through the last round to set up who will be sacrificed to one of the above bands in the next round (I mean, really… let’s just be honest)
  • Wyld Stallyns have the chance to gallop over The Soggy Bottom Boys, making them “Men of Constant Sorrows”
  • Otis Day and the Knights will try to “SHOUT!” down Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (but can they really beat ANIMAL!?)

 Voting is open, the battles continue, don’t be afraid to add your voice to the debate!

The Quarterfinals start NOW!

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