2021 Bracket Battle: And the Winner is…

It’s time to bring this year’s battle to a close. We hope that the last four weeks of listening, reminiscing, and debating have been as enjoyable for y’all as they've been for us. This has certainly been one of the most engaging battles we have seen in a while, so thank you for joining us for a few weeks of fun.  

All of the bands selected for this year’s event were worthy of consideration… well, except perhaps Zack Attack. There were certainly others that did not quite make the cut at all who might have done quite well. We can, however, only have one winner.  

After more than 9400 total votes over the course of the contest, one band stands alone. With 63% of the final vote, the winner of the 2021 Bracket Battle: Battle of the Fake Bands is…   


As you might expect from a band “on a mission from God,” the path to victory was not always easy, but the brothers from Chicago were able to best five other contenders, including the legendary and formidable Spinal Tap, to seize the crown.  

 Thanks again to all of you for playing along this year! It was truly fun to see everyone’s excitement for the theme and participation in the game.  

Until next time… stay safe out there!  


Thwack - Symbolize TM, R, and C