2021 Bracket Battle: 1, 2 – 1, 2, 3, 4

And, just like that, we have narrowed the field to the final four bands who’re all tuned up and ready to face off once again. It certainly looks like we may be headed into an interesting final matchup if we are reading the tea leaves correctly…

Will we see two dynamic duos on epic adventures go into the finals? Can a merry band of Muppets reign supreme? Is it really possible that a cover band from a ‘90s sitcom could walk away with the grand prize?

At this point, it’s still anyone’s to win.  We just need y’all to keep voting and debating 

So where do we stand heading into the final FOUR?

The Blues Brothers were able to turn down Spinal Tap and will face (Uncle) Jessie and the Rippers who sped past Autobahn

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem schooled Otis Day and the Knights and will take on the most excellent Wyld Stallyns who “spoke their peace and counted to three” sending the Soggy Bottom Boys packing.

 You know the drill by now. We can’t get to our final favorite FAKE BAND without your participation and votes. So, let’s get this next round going!

Thwack - Symbolize TM, R, and C